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Marketing for business-to-business (B2B) companies are often more complex than B2C brands. As an award winning B2B marketing agency in Hong Kong, Fimmick combines creativity with industry experience to deliver smart B2B marketing strategies to help you accurately target crucial decision makers. We work closely with our clients to identify the right combination of branding strategies, online advertisement, content marketing, social media, offline events and marketing communications that produces outstanding engagements and drives valuable leads.

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Strategic Marketing & Customer Insights

We offer strategy marketing consultation and insights for B2B companies of any size. Using our knowledge, expertise and experience on digital marketing, we work closely with you to develop strategic marketing plans that works for you.

Brand Building & Content Marketing

Clients cannot purchase products they are not aware of. We help you create demand for your products and services by building awareness for your business, educating clients on your offerings and generating leads from your target market through content marketing on social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

Targeted Lead Generation Campaigns

B2B marketing is different from B2C marketing. Your target is a small group of executives within your industry. Utilising big data and latest technologies, we help you reach key decision makers from over 10,000 exclusive audience segments with high precision, result-driven digital advertising, such as programmatic ads, search ads, email ads and more.

Events & Offline Promotions

Face-to-face interactions are still the most effective way to convert customers for B2B companies. Through trade events, such as seminars, workshops and more, we help you get in touch with your target customers and set up the next step in the sales process.


Creative and Innovative Thinking

We are more than a digital marketing agency; we are a creative thinking company. We excel at producing exciting and groundbreaking creative content and videos for our clients.

Professional Creative Production Team

Our award-winning team of experts work closely with you and your team to fully understand your goals to develop your B2B marketing strategies.

Integrated Approach

Our integrated approach takes multiple marketing channels into consideration so they will always ring true to your customers.

Data- and Results-Driven

We take the guesswork out of marketing. Our marketing strategies are based on insights generated from data, resulting in effective and reliable programmes and campaigns.


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