Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Outdoor Living

Whether you live in an urban townhome or a suburban ranch house, backyard space should be relished. Make the most of your backyard by deciding exactly how you would like to use it.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to entertain?
  • Do you envision unwinding on the weekends with a good book?
  • Do you want to grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs?
  • Do you have kids that need space to play?

Check out the examples below to see how other gardeners are putting their backyard gardens to use.

Benjamin Vogt

Native Backyard Garden

See a model of good planting design that is low maintenance, ecologically inclined, and fabulous in every season, all in a small, 1,500-square-foot Nebraska backyard.

Design tip: Use locally native plants that are well adapted to regional soils and weather.

Alexandra Abuza

Small Backyard Makeover

This Brooklyn backyard was packed with plants, a fieldstone patio and path and an arbor covered bench to create a private, leafy oasis in the heart of the city.

Design tip: Start by installing hardscaping and then flesh out your backyard garden with plants.

Ted Catanzaro and Debbie Madhessian

Big Sur Backyard

Fire, drought, erosion and deer all had to be considered when planning this hillside backyard on the Northern California coast.

Design tip: Do your best to work with the surroundings and harmonize with the wild.

Lisa Romerein

Backyard Seating Area

Here a built-in banquette topped with comfy cushions allows people to congregate around a fire pit made from stone taken from an abandoned well.

Design tip: Use materials that match or coordinate with your home to make it seem like backyard additions were there all along.

Anza Living Spaces

Resort-Style Backyard

See how an undeveloped five-acre sloping backyard became a complete resort-style outdoor living area with kitchen and infinity pool.

Design tip: Create a social hub in your backyard by siting your outdoor kitchen near the pool.

Take Your Backyard to the Next Level:

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